The Annual SMPA Awards Night

with CNN's Dana Bash
Thu, 27 April, 2017 6:15pm
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Each year, the School of Media and Public Affairs gives a number of awards, fellowships, prizes, and other special opportunities — ranging from $500 – $5,500 per individual — to enhance our students' abilities to pursue their academic goals and be recognized for their achievements. Please join us for this fun night when students receive their awards.

The available prizes and scholarships include the following:

  • Larry King Scholarship
  • Sherman Page Allen Scholarship
  • Gridiron Foundation Scholarship
  • Schneider-Taylor Scholarship
  • Eaton Foundation Scholarship
  • Philip L. Graham Fund Scholarship for Diversity
  • Freedman Family Scholarship
  • Essary Prize
  • Hoberman Prize
  • Dorothy and Will Roberts Prize