DC Interactive Documentary Summit

Non-fiction filmmaking is experiencing a boom thanks to the web. HD video streaming to users with screens in their pockets has opened up new methods of storytelling that shape everything from advocacy to marketing. If there's one city where getting your message out is paramount, it's our nation's capitol. And YOU are in that market.

The DC Interactive Documentary Summit looks at how traditional filmmaking is merging with tech to create new avenues of storytelling, distribution and funding. It will provide insights into how non-fiction filmmakers and producers can augment their current traditional projects' outreach as well as how to think in non-linear terms when creating their story - which usually means less footage on the cutting room floor and more in your project!

This is an opportunity to build bridges between those who create the stories, and the foundations, non-profits and other groups that can use cause or purpose driven content in support of mission. 

It's truly a brave new world!

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•Documentary producers & directors 

•Writers, editors, camera people and content creators 

•Non-profit communications professionals 

•Corporate social responsibility professionals 

 Threaded throughout the panel discussions, presentations and case studies will be a strong emphasis on the interactive documentary’s potential to serve as an advocacy and public education platform for bringing about change.

DC Interactive Documentary Summit Schedule

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Docs in Progress' Peer Pitch at the DC Interactive Doc Summit
This event is on sale separate from The DC Interactive Doc Summit. Combo tickets for both events are available. Limit 10 filmmakers, 30 observers.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

9:00AM Arrival and check-in

9:25AM Welcome by Kim Gross, Acting Director & Associate Professor, GWU SMPA

9:27AM Introduction by Andrew Zinnes

9:30AM - Interactive Story Telling Defined
A discussion about what is and isn't an interactive documentary experience.
Format: Panel
Moderator: Andrew Zinnes: Creative Director, The Documentary Summit

  • Maryanne Culpepper, Independent Writer/Producer (Former President National Geographic Television)
  • Nicole Eley-Carr: Mgr. Digital Content & Strat., PBS Digital
  • Matt Mansfield: National Geographic TV

10:45AM - The Interactive Documentary and Advocacy for Change
A detailed look into the specific dynamics and calls to action that can be facilitated by Interactive Documentary Storytelling.
Format: Panel
Moderator: Erica Schlaikjer: Founder, Benevolent Media

  • Jonathan Goodman Leavitt: Founder, Changeworx
  • Gregg Deal, Artist

12:00PM - The Interactive Storyteller's Toolkit
Interactive documentaries tell stories in a non-linear, multi-platform manner. Our panelists will discuss what kinds of platforms are available, the best ways to organize your story to fit them and how traditional storytelling and production skills can be used to create these projects.
Format: Panel

  • Kelli Anderson: Founder, Sojournals
  • Lance Kramer: Executive Director, Meridian Hill Pictures
  • Patrick White: Creative Director, Arcade Sunshine

1:00PM - LUNCH

2:30PM - From Concept to Pitch to Launch
A special focus on how to research, conceptual, plan, pitch then launch an Interactive Documentary project.
Format: Presentation

  • Jeffrey Osborn: Creative Director, Graphicacy
  • Angeline Vuong: Project Mgr., Center for American Progress
  • Dan Reed: Director, Planet Forward
  • Mike DeVito: Managing Editor, Planet Forward

Location TBD

Friday, March 14, 2014

9:30AM - Applying User-Centered Design Practices to Storytelling
Interactive documentaries have a specific design that differs from the traditional model. This discussion will look at practices for making the user experience (UX) exciting and informative.
Moderator: Nina Seavey: Director, The Documentary Center

  • Wesley Lindamood: Sr. Interaction Designer, NPR
  • Dawn Barton: Sr. UX Designer, PBS
  • Jordana Well: Creative Producer, Interface Media Group

10:45AM - Immersive Storyworld Experiences
It's no secret that making learning fun increases the amount of information retension. AVAdventure uses a blend of traditional documentary, transmedia and even a touch of fiction storytelling to enhance their educational based projects. Their founders will discuss some of them in order to highlight possibilities in this area.
Format: Presentation
Speakers: Adam Stackhouse and Liz Sykes/AVAdventure

12:00PM - Emerging Business Models
New ground is constantly being broken by pioneers in interactive storytelling. This session will benefit from the “in the trenches” point of view of those who have successfully navigated the waters of new funding strategies, sources, business models, marketing, engagement and distribution options.
Format: Panel
Moderator: Felicia Pride: Founder, Pride Collaborative

  • Aziz Isham: President, Aracde Sunshine
  • Joel Westbrook: Exec. Producer, Interface Media Group
  • David Vyorst: Co-Founder, Relay Station Social Media

1:00 PM -  LUNCH

2:30 PM - Peer Pitch at the Interactive Documentary Summit
Three documentary film teams, chosen by Docs In Progress will have their projects work-shopped by Transmedia and Interactive experts in a public forum. This will provide a practical understanding of what can be accomplished in the Interactive space.
Format: Presentation/Panel
Moderated by Erica Ginsberg, Exec. Dir., Docs In Progress.

  • Felicia Pride: Founder, Pride Collaborative
  • Aziz Isham: President, Arcade Sunshine

Films TBA on March 12, 2014.