SMPA offers students access to a wide array of state-of-the-art-production and broadcasting facilities. Students enrolled in specific SMPA classes can use this industry-standard equipment to learn and practice the craft of visual storytelling.

Production Facilities

SMPA is home to its own Richard Eaton Broadcast Studio. In the studio, four cameras, a news and interview set, a chroma key bluescreen, a professional control room and audio board provide plenty of room for students to put together their own productions as well as complete class projects. Classes can also take advantage of audio mixing facilities, a top-of-the-line chyron, a teleprompter and a graphics computer.

Computing/Editing Facilities

The fifth floor of the Media and Public Affairs (MPA) building is home to 42 Adobe Suite video editing stations available 24 hours a day for student use. Classes also have access to a new Adobe Anywhere Cloud server that stores all video projects and facilitates collaboration between classmates. Our production students gain a full understanding of the video production process, from video editing techniques for both news and documentary-style multimedia, to video compression, online distribution, and DVD production. 

Flash Studio

The flash studio, located on the second floor of the MPA building, is used for professional radio (including XM/Sirius satellite radio programs) and television production (including live interviews with CNN and other major networks). Faculty, staff, students and VIP guests to the MPA Building have used the flash studio for a variety of live and recorded programming. GW has contracted with GlobeCast to provide fiber line feeds for live interviews. The studio is administered by GW's External Relations office, which can be reached at 202-994-6460.

Field Equipment Checkout

Students enrolled in specific SMPA production classes have 24/7 access to professional-level equipment to complete their multimedia assignments. Students can check out over 50 NX-5 high-definition cameras as well as lighting kits, radio microphones, D-40 Nikon still cameras, and digital audio recorders. Students taking documentary classes have access to Panasonic High Definition HVX cameras. Click here for distribution hours.

Jack Morton Auditorium

The Jack Morton Auditorium (JMA), a 244-seat auditorium in the MPA building, offers full TV production capability, digital sound and video recording and video conferencing. It is an ideal location for any event involving current issues, cultural performances or public/government affairs.  The auditorium is located on the first floor of the MPA Building at 805 21st Street, NW, Washington D.C. 20052. For more information about booking an event at the Jack Morton Auditorium or the Flash Studio, please contact our central scheduling office

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