Graduate Certificate in Documentary Filmmaking

The Documentary Center at The George Washington University was inaugurated in 1990 and for the past nearly 25 years has been teaching non-fiction filmmaking and producing documentary films for audiences across the globe.

The Institute for Documentary Filmmaking, an intensive nine-credit certificate graduate program, is the central educational offering of the Center.  The six-month program is both a theoretical and hands-on exploration of the documentary form. The faculty and guest speakers affiliated with the Institute represent some of the best talent within the non-fiction industry from writers to producers to directors to cinematographers and editors. 
The Institute has been ranked as one of the top ten documentary filmmaking programs in the nation. Admission is competitive and by application only.

Participants in the Institute come from across the U.S. and from a wide array of backgrounds. Some Individuals have experience in media or related fields and some have no experience at all.   Our students come from such fields as broadcasting, law, psychology, literature, science, anthropology, museum studies, and teaching, among many others. What all participants share, however, is a commitment to the creation of non-fiction stories and to their expression in a visual form. In addition, each member of the Institute must have a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as this course – as well as all filmmaking – is a highly interactive, interpersonal experience.

More Information About the Institute

Application Process

  • A Registration Transaction Form (Including Course Information)
  • A Petition for Admission to the Certificate Program
  • The Personal Statement Essays