Institutes & Innovation

The Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication

The Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication (IPDGC) is a leader in research, practice, training and innovative thinking in the areas of global communication and public diplomacy. The Institute engages in a variety of activities, including prominent events, research and workshops. It also hosts scholars and leading government figures, including several Under Secretaries of State. The Institute offers customized training for a variety of groups, including nongovernmental organizations and embassies.


Center for Innovative Media

The Center for Innovative Media serves as an incubator for a variety of media initiatives.

Since 1990, The Documentary Center has instructed hundreds of students in documentary film production and created multiple award-winning, nonfiction films. The Center has been ranked of the top ten schools for documentary filmmaking and is one of the few educational centers in the nation that focuses exclusively on nonfiction film.

Planet Forward is where experts and engaged citizens come together to find solutions to our shared challenges, specifically in the areas of energy, climate and sustainability. We have created a dynamic public square, curating the best ideas and innovations from scientists, business leaders, advocates, students and government leaders.

Face the Facts USA is a nonpartisan, independently funded initiative, backed by Americans who believe facts should come first in our national debate.