Intern Diaries

Get an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to intern around Washington and the world with the SMPA Internship Diary series. Students give first-person accounts of their intern experiences at the White House, PBS, Justice Department and more.

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Casey Danoff

Making a Wave at Emerge America

December 06, 2018
Junior Casey Danoff helped power a historic election for women during her internship at Emerge America, an organization that helps train Democratic women to run for office.
André Gonzales

My Summer in Phoenix with iHeartRadio

October 18, 2018
An only at SMPA experience on the other side of the country, André Gonzales had an exclusive summer internship at the iHeartRadio and NBC News Radio headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.
Charlie Cook, Amy Walters, Jeremy Marsh, David Wasserman

Serving up Election Analysis at The Cook Political Report

May 16, 2018
As a political news and election junkie, it was a dream come true to intern at The Cook Political Report this spring semester.
Kara Zupkus

Breaking News at the Washington Examiner

February 13, 2018
My reporting was featured on the Washington Examiner front page for several hours and tweeted by several political figures — something I could have only dreamed of as a journalism student.
Melissa Holzberg at Meet the Press

What it Takes to Meet the Press

February 05, 2018
Behind the cameras, television news is just like any other news story. Journalists are striving to find the truth and hold our leaders accountable — with just a bit more makeup on set.
Samantha Treiman

A Red-Carpet Internship at the Kennedy Center

January 31, 2018
Whether I was escorting media outlets at Millennium Stage performances or holding Julie Andrews' purse as she walked the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors, my days at the office were always exciting, to say the least.
Felicia Kalkman

Hitting the Internship Jackpot at the American Gaming Association

December 18, 2017
This internship brought me back to my roots, exploring the casino industry in a unique way while also completing reading that helped explain the links between D.C. politics and the casino industry.