Intern Diaries

Get an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to intern around Washington and the world with the SMPA Internship Diary series. Students give first-person accounts of their intern experiences at the White House, PBS, Justice Department and more.

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Jessica Pitocco

Intern Diary: Jessica Pitocco at Florence University of the Arts

October 12, 2016
Jessica Pitocco, JMC '18, reflects on her internship at Florence University of the Arts where she wrote and edited content for the university magazine, newsletter, blog and social media channels.
Hanna Cunningham, Intern Diary, SMPA

Intern Diary: Hanna Cunningham with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

August 24, 2016
Cooper Hewitt’s Peter A. Krueger program offered me the opportunity to work with their communications and marketing department and visit other arts organizations in the city throughout my time in New York.
Thomas Falcigno

Intern Diary: Campaigning for AARP

August 04, 2016

When people hear the company name AARP, they usually think of two things, discounts and old people, when in reality, AARP does so much more.

Ariana Mushnick at Vox

Intern Diary: Ariana Mushnick with

March 31, 2016
“The information and skills I’ve learned in my SMPA classes have been extremely helpful for the work I do at Vox. As a current student in Professor Nikki Usher’s social media class, I’ve been able to directly apply skills and concepts we are learning in the course to my internship.” -Ariana Mushnick, JMC 16, Intern at Vox
Sara Dougherty

Intern Diary: Sara Dougherty with Jamestown Associates

March 18, 2016
SMPA has helped me adjust to the ever-evolving, intertwined world of media and politics, and this has aided me enormously in performing my duties at Jamestown Associates.
Samanth Sorbaro

Intern Diary Q &A: Samantha Sorbaro with TellDC

March 09, 2016
Samantha Sorbaro mediated weekly interviews on Capitol Hill with members of Congress developing reports for TellDC subscribers, contacting press secretaries and conducting interviews. Samantha also assisted the camera crew with editing footage and uploading it to the TellDC website and social media.
Julia Bahl

Intern Diary: Julia Bahl with PBS and the Women's Media Center

October 29, 2015
I shared the stage with three talented, professional women; I was the only student. Each woman brought her own expertise to the discussion, and I centered my platform around the intersection of women, media, and politics and how working for Women’s Media Center, one of the companies who helped produce the film Miss Representation, became my call to action, my ‘aha moment’.