David Karpf research presentation


SMPA faculty are among the most widely cited in journalism and political communication research publishing their innovative research in books and peer-reviewed journals. Faculty also work closely with students to collaborate and produce their own award-winning research presented at academic conferences around the country and develop white papers on topics at the forefront of journalism and communication research.


Interactive Journalism

Interactive Journalism: Hackers, Data, and Code

Nikki Usher examines the impact of digital technology on reporting, photojournalism, graphics and the other disciplines that define interactive journalism through eyewitness studies from Al Jazeera English to The New York Times.
Media Movements

Media Movements: Civil Society and Media Policy Reform in Latin America

Silvio Waisbord co-authors an in-depth analysis of how 21st-century movements throughout contemporary Latin America have given a voice to marginalized citizens whose lives have been upset by the falsity of a globalized economy.