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SMPA faculty are among the most widely cited in journalism and political communication research publishing their innovative research in books and peer-reviewed journals. Faculty also work closely with students to collaborate and produce their own award-winning research presented at academic conferences around the country and develop white papers on topics at the forefront of journalism and communication research.


Communication A Post-Discipline

Communication: A Post-Discipline

Professor Silvio Waisbord argues that communication studies is a post-discipline and that it is impossible to transcend fragmentation and specialization through a single project of intellectual unity.

Who’s Elite and How the Answer Matters to Politics

Research Professor Babak Bahador, along with Professor Robert Entman and Curd Knüpfer conduct an empirical study that examines the United States, with its fragmenting public spheres and media arenas, probing how 'elite' is understood in different partisan circles.
Fake News Panic of a Century Ago

The Fake News Panic of a Century Ago: Reflections on Globalization, Democracy, and the Media

Lee Huebner explores intellectual and social history, focusing on the ways in which public information has been shared over time, and the changing implications of ideas such as globalization and democracy.