SMPA Career Action Network

The SMPA Career Action Network (SMPA CAN) enhances the value of an SMPA education by supporting experiential learning, enhancing professional connections and creating community between current students and alumni. SMPA CAN has three components: SMPA CAN Internship Fund, SMPA CAN Internship Award and SMPA CAN Mentoring Program.

SMPA CAN Internship Fund

The internship fund supports unpaid and low-paid internships that students might not otherwise be able to afford. The awards will be given during the spring semester to rising SMPA seniors and graduate students to support summer internships with prizes ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

  • SMPA Internship Award (3 awards)
    Award recipients are based on merit, professional promise and need.
  • J. Michael Shanahan Journalism Internship Award (3 awards)
    All applicants must be in good academic standing, rising seniors and working for an established media organization.
  • Kwittken Internship Award (3 awards)
    Provides support for students in the field of strategic communications and media.

SMPA CAN Mentoring Program

Acquire practical, real-world advice from distinguished alumni and friends of SMPA, including members of our National Council, the principal advisory board to SMPA.

This program connects juniors and seniors with mentors from news organizations, political communication organizations, government agencies, advertising/PR firms, non-profits, and more to learn the skills needed to succeed after graduation. Mentors will be matched with SMPA students based on industry and similar objectives and goals for the mentorship. To apply, click here. The application deadline is October 31, 2016.

SMPA CAN Networking Events

SMPA students will be able to connect with alumni and other experts in the field to strengthen the ties between students and alumni creating a thriving network of people creating change in the world. Events will be held on and off campus with SMPA students, alumni and friends of SMPA.

For more information on SMPA CAN programs please contact