What Did We Learn About News & Protest in Summer 2020?

Thu, 8 October, 2020 6:00pm

Join us on October 8th at 6 pm for a discussion on news coverage of the social uprising during the summer of 2020 that swept the nation and the world. The panelists will address several questions: How did local and national news media cover the protests? What were the obstacles? How did journalists and news organizations deal with the obstacles? How were protesters engaged with the news media? What are the lessons for journalism and political communication?

Continuous protests and uprisings have transfixed the nation and have become central to public discussion and the 2020 presidential campaign. Journalism and various media have played critical roles in the way protests are organized, covered, and discussed. These issues are central to the educational mission of SMPA and the event will provide an opportunity for our faculty, staff, and students to address them. The issues are at the intersection of research, practice, and teaching in journalism and political communication. 




Dave Karpf, SMPA Associate Professor

Jesse J. Holland, SMPA Assistant Professor 


Omar Jimenez, CNN

Kristen Grimm, Spitfire Strategies

Elisa Massimino, Georgetown Law, Chair in Human Rights

Vincent Raynauld, Emerson College

Molly O’Toole, LA Times




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