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Chuck Todd

SMPA Adds Impressive Roster to National Council

As part of the School of Media and Public Affairs continued efforts to expand and progress, Director Frank Sesno announced this month that the School is growing its National Council for Media and Public Affairs with an exceptional group of new members. Joining the Council are Chuck Todd, Sam Feist, Susan Smirnoff, Cornell Belcher, and Charles Minton. The new Council members—all leaders in their respective fields—will join the Director’s advisory board for the school and work to address issues affecting the growth and development of SMPA. Read more.

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Laura Shuey-Kostelac


A Guest Lexture on Sourcing and Interviewing from Bob Woodard

Bob Woodard is most known for his reporting on the Watergate scandal, alongside Carl Bernstein, and is one of the most celebrated Washington Post investigative reporters today. Last week, he guest lectured fellow WashingotnPost reporter and SMPA professor Cheryl W. Thompson’s investigative reporting class to share insight on cultivating and interviewing news sources. JMC junior Joanne Zalatoris reflects on this "only at GW" moment here.



The Digital Media Revolution with Professor Catie Bailard

Professor Catie Bailard recently sat down with Columbian College Dean Ben Vinson III to discuss the intersection of politics and digital media. She gave a glimpse of her new book Democracy's Double-Edged Sword: How Internet Use Changes Citizens' Views of their Government, explaining how the Internet directly influences the ability of individuals to evaluate the government and affects their satisfaction with the quality of democracy. Watch the video conversation here.


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A Celebration of Professor Catie Bailard and "Democracy's Double-Edged Sword"
November 3, 2014
6:00 pm
Media and Public Affairs Building

The School of Media and Public Affairs invites you to attend a celebration of Professor Catie Bailard and her new book, "Democracy's Double-Edged Sword: How Internet Use Changes Citizens' Views of their Government." Eat and mingle with students, faculty and special guests. Professor Bailard will speak about her book and her research on the political effects of new media at home and abroad.





October 29: Webinar for MA in Media and Strategic Communication

October 30: Condemned to Silence? The State of Freedom of Expression in Venezuela

November 3: Public Diplomacy Council's First Monday Lunch

November 4: Berkshire Beyond Buffet: The Enduring Value of Values

November 12: Of Big Birds and Bayonets - Hybrid Twitter Interactivity in the 2012 Presidential Debates


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