This fall, SMPA launched the Career Access Network (SMPA CAN) to enhance the value of an SMPA education by supporting unpaid or low paid internships for students that could be the key to that first rung on the career ladder. The idea for SMPA CAN grew out of the success of the J. Michael Shanahan Journalism Internship Fund, which allows juniors in the journalism and mass communication major to pursue a summer internship at a news organization that they otherwise might not have been able to afford.

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SMPA Senior Jessica McEntee

Understanding the Power of Logos

Often times, the help you seek comes from a place you would never think to look. For SMPA Senior Jessica McEntee, the help she needed to complete her senior thesis appeared in the form of the GW SURE Award.
McEntee, a University honors student who is double majoring in Political Communication and Economics, is primarily focused on the power and influence of logos, specifically during political campaigns. Her thesis includes a survey that measures the ability of logos to produce strong emotional reactions and mobilize voters. Ensuring enough people took the survey was a challenge.


SMPA Visiting Scholar Javier Lesaca

Visiting Scholar Javier Lesaca Presents ISIS Audiovisual Engagement Strategy Research at the UN Security Council

Visiting scholar Javier Lesaca gave a speech at the Security Council of the UN explaining his research on ISIS audiovisual engagement strategy and stressed the importance of facing the terrorism as a communication challenge. He explained that Daesh has published more than 920 audiovisual campaigns designed by 33 different producers in the last 22 months.Those campaigns were designed to engage with young audiences around the world--almost 50% of the ISIS videos containing real executions were similar to/inspired by executions shown in films and video games.


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