Academic Advising

Our Philosophy

A successful advising relationship involves the collaboration of the advisor and student. The CCAS Pod Advising Team and the SMPA Faculty Advisor work in tandem to empower students to make intentional, educated decisions in achieving their personal and academic goals.

Undergraduate students in the School of Media and Public Affairs have the benefit of a two-part advising system. 

  • Students are assigned to CCAS pods according to last name and pod advisors will work with students on various general topics beginning in the summer before matriculation and up to graduation. Students should consult with GW CCAS Pod Advisors while developing their academic plans. 
  • Additionally, SMPA students are assigned a SMPA faculty advisor upon transferring into SMPA or in the summer before sophomore year. SMPA faculty advisors mentor students and guide them through the specifics of completing their chosen major. 
  • If you are a sophomore SMPA student or above and you are unsure about who your advisor is please email [email protected].

Undergraduate Advising Resources

Graduate Academic Advising

For any questions regarding academic advising or for questions related to your program, please reach out to your program’s Director of Graduate Study (DGS). Additionally, the student services specialist can assist with navigating course selection, program policies, and more. 

Graduate Advising Resources