National Council

As a subset of the Columbian College National Council for Arts and Sciences, the National Council for Media and Public Affairs functions as the director's advisory body for SMPA. Comprised of distinguished national and international alumni and friends, the Council works to address issues impacting the growth and development of SMPA. In addition, members help to promote the mission of the university and SMPA through their work on the Council.

Council members serve on a volunteer basis, typically for three-year terms.

National Council chair Char Beales describes the benefits of staying involved with her alma mater as chair of the National Council in this video above.

Members of the current National Council for Media and Public Affairs:

  • John Barth, Managing Director at Public Radio Exchange
  • Char Beales (BA '73), Chair and Campaign Chair of the National Council for Media and Public Affairs, President & CEO (retired) at Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
  • Cornell Belcher, President, Brilliant Corners Research and Strategy
  • Berl Brechner (BA '68)
  • Adam Conner (BA '06), Senior Executive at Slack
  • Mark Dollins (BA '83), Head of Executive and Global Internal Communications at North Star Communications Consulting
  • Samuel Feist, Washington, DC Bureau Chief and Senior Vice President, Washington-based programming for CNN
  • Richard Frisch (BA '78), Principal, Forum Strategies and Communications
  • Joan Gillman (MA '91), Executive Vice President & COO for Media Services at Time Warner Cable
  • Kathryn Green, (BA '77, P '15), Literary Agent at The Kathryn Green Literary Agency
  • Barbara Bradley Hagerty
  • John Lansing, CEO and Director, Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Heather Moran (BA '95), Executive Director, Sixth&I
  • Reena Ninan (BA '01), CBSN News Anchor
  • Susan Smirnoff (BA '74), Communications Consultant
  • Chuck Todd (BA '95), Political Director, NBC News
  • Scott Widmeyer, Founding and Managing Partner, Widmeyer Communications
  • Paul Wilson, Founder, Wilson Grand Communications

If you are interested in more information about the National Council, please contact Kimberly Bowers.