The School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) professors represent the top academics and professionals in their respective fields, from political communication to investigative journalism and beyond. They are frequent contributors to academic literature and debate, sought-after experts for news organizations, and award-winning media professionals.

Inside the classroom, our faculty members offer expert insight into the essential skills and theory for a career in media or public affairs. Their dedication to students extends beyond classroom walls with SMPA faculty support for student research opportunities, mentorship, and scholarship funds.






Faculty Highlights



National Journalism Tour_Janet Steele
Steven Livingston
Kerric Harvey

New Audio Play Highlights January 6th Insurrection

Professor Kerric Harvey wrote a new audio drama about the January 6 violence in the U.S. Capitol. SMPA alumna Olivia Osborne is the chief recording engineer and a sound designer for the production and rising senior Jess Makler wrote and performed original music as well as helping with the sound design and editing for the piece.  


GW Magazine Highlights SMPA Faculty

GW Magazine tapped professors from across the university to get their forecasts for the future in their discipline, from transportation to pandemics to education, health equity and criminal law reform.

Imani M. Cheers, associate professor of digital storytelling and associate director, talked about the future of social justice in America. Rebekah Tromble, director of the institute for data, democracy and politics, and associate professor, talked about the future of social media and disinformation.

"Say Their Names - How Black Lives Came to Matter in America" book cover.