Meet the Faculty

Imani Cheers

School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) professors represent the top academics and professionals in their respective fields, from political communication to investigative journalism and beyond. They are frequent contributors to academic literature and debate, sought-after experts for news organizations, and award-winning media professionals.

Inside the classroom, our faculty members offer expert insight into the essential skills and theory for a career in media or public affairs. Their dedication to students extends beyond classroom walls with SMPA faculty support for student research opportunities, mentorship and scholarship funds.

Faculty Soundbites

  • Nina Seavey

    "There's a rise in expectation of how great stories are going to be told and how great filmmaking techniques are going to be brought to screen."

    Nina Seavey reveals what it takes to become a great documentary filmmaker.

  • William Youmans

    "We are becoming global citizens whether we accept that or not."

    Assistant Professor William Youmans discusses the increasingly global nature of communication, which plays a pivotal role in his class, International Communication.

  • Lee Huebner

    "We introduce students to a whole range of media people of all nationalities."

    Arlie Professor of Media and Public Affairs Lee Huebner discusses his work at the International Herald Tribune and the annual trip to Paris that he takes with his students.

Full time faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Among the 25 full-time faculty members are experts in political communication and international affairs, and renowned practicing journalists.

Part-time faculty member in classroom

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty members are practitioners and academics at the top of their fields.


Fellows & Special Appointments

These scholars and esteemed practitioners bring new insight and expertise to our students and our community with special events, unique course offerings, guest lectures and more.

Faculty Research

Kerric Harvey

"The Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics is a great group portrait of what it means to be human."

Professor Kerric Harvey

Sean Aday

"Putting the SMPA model to work in war zones and emerging democracies was a challenge, but very rewarding."

Professor Sean Aday

David Karpf

"Groups like and are now some of the most influential groups in American Politics."

Professor David Karpf

Matthew Hindman

"Blogs and other forms of online discourse are changing who gets heard, or doesn't get heard, in American Politics."

Professor Matthew Hindman