Political Communication

Robert Entman political communication lecture

Students in this first-of-its-kind major explore the nature and political effects of our rapidly evolving media environment. They learn how mass media, the internet and new information and communication technologies are changing the way politics works in the United States and around the world.

Political communication teaches analytical, critical thinking and leadership skills that allow our graduates to go on to successful careers on the campaign trail, in Congress or in offices and boardrooms around the world. Our faculty of accomplished academics and practitioners teach students how to use media and new information technology to create and deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time.

Degree Requirements

Curriculum Worksheet (Students Enrolled Fall 2015 and Later) (.PDF)

Curriculum Worksheet (Student Enrolled Spring 2015 and Earlier) (.PDF)

Required courses (30 credits):  
Introduction to Comparative Politics  
Introduction to International Politics
Introduction to American Politics and Government  
Introduction to Statistics in Social Science  
Introduction to Political Communication (which requires a minimum grade of C to remain in the major)  
Introduction to News Writing and Reporting  
Digital Media I: Introduction to Video Production  
Digital Media II: Introduction to Web Production and Social Media  
Research Methods  
Data Analysis for Journalism and Political Communication  
Senior Seminar  


Seven courses (21 credits) from the following:

Public Opinion  
Media Law  
Selected Topics in Political Communication (May be repeated once for credit)  
Independent Study  
Internship (Only one, three-credit internship may be taken for credit toward the major)  
Editorial & Persuasive Writing  
Washington Reporting  
Campaign Reporting  
Public Diplomacy  
Principles of Public Relations  
Strategic Political Communication  
Political Campaign Communication  
Campaign Advertising  
Political Speech Writing  
Strategic Practicum  
Media, Politics & Government  
Social Media  
Language and Politics  
Race, Media & Politics  
Campaigns and Elections  
Media Bias  
International Communication  
Comparative Media Systems  
Media in the Developing World  
Media and Foreign Policy  
Media, Technology, and Culture  
Information Technology and Politics  
Special Honors Research Seminar  


Two political science (PSC) courses (6 credits) numbered 2000 or above.


Students must achieve specified grades in some courses.

Student Stories

Julia Bahl at Worth It, Work It table with three other women

Intern Diary: Julia Bahl with PBS and the Women's Media Center

“I have acquired diverse work experiences, encountered female mentors eager to share their knowledge and applied what I have learned in the classroom to the real world.”

Julia Bahl, Class of 2016, Political Communication

Sara Dougherty

Intern Diary: Sara Dougherty with Jamestown Associates

“SMPA has helped me adjust to the ever-evolving, intertwined world of media and politics…”

Sara Dougherty, Class of 2019, Political Communication