Undergraduate Admissions

students with professor working on video editing

High school seniors and most current undergraduate students in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) are eligible to apply to the Journalism and Mass Communication or Political Communication majors in the School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA). Prospective students should indicate their interest in studying either journalism or political communication and follow the supplementary essay prompt on the GW application.

Once on campus for a year, sophomores in CCAS are eligible to apply for a transfer into either SMPA program up to two times. Undergraduate students transferring from other universities may apply to SMPA at the same time. Applications for only one major per semester will be accepted. If the student does not get admitted on the first try, he or she can reapply a second and final time.


Key Application Dates and Deadlines

When applying to GW, it is important to be aware of the key deadlines that you must adhere to. First year students have three application options including regular decision, early decision I and early decision II. You are also required to meet all financial aid deadlines to be fully considered for need-based assistance. Need-based assistance is only available to eligible U.S. citizens and permanent residents. International students are not eligible for need-based assistance.