Submit to the Poll

GW faculty and graduate students are invited to submit proposals for questions to be included in the GW Politics Poll. Proposed questions must be related to politics, policy or public affairs.

Individual researchers may request no more than 8 questions.

The poll can accommodate survey experiments or the administration of experimental treatments. Any proposal involving an experiment must include the treatments and a description of the design. Experimental proposals must count any treatments toward the question limit. Researchers should have a CITI training on file with GW’s Office of Human Research.

The survey will be administered online through YouGov. The survey contains standard demographic items including age, gender, race, income, marital status, state, party identification, ideology, religion and interest in politics. You can view examples of the types of questions that can be used in this sample YouGov survey.

Proposals will be reviewed by the faculty committee administering the poll.

Submit Questions