Babak Bahador

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Babak Bahador

Associate Research Professor and Director of the Media and Peacebuilding Project


Email: Babak Bahador
Office Phone: (202) 425-2605

Babak Bahador has taught and researched in the areas of media, peace and conflict, political communication and public diplomacy since 2006 and is also a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, where he teaches for part of each year. In recent years, his research has focused on media and peacebuilding and he is currently co-editing a book on this subject. 

Babak was an executive member of the International Communication (ICOMM) section of the International Studies Association (ISA) from 2013 to 2017, serving as section chair in 2015-16. Babak is also the founder of Peace News, a start-up media organization covering peacebuilding efforts in conflict zones. At GW, Babak is spearheading the Media and Peacebuilding Project which aims to bridge the gap between academic research and peacebuilding practice.

Before becoming a full-time academic, Babak was an entrepreneur in Toronto where he started a market research company, Millennium Research Group, that grew rapidly between 1998 and 2005 before being acquired in early 2006.

Media, peace and reconciliation; media, war and conflict; media, foreign policy and public opinion; political communication; international relations theory; foreign policy analysis.

SMPA 3194.11 Media and Peace Building

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Ph.D., London School of Economics (2005)

M.A., London School of Economics (1995)

B.A., University of Western Ontario (1993)