Berl Brechner

Berl Brechner (BA, 1968, Journalism) served as editor-in-chief of The Hatchet while at GW, and went on to a career as a writer, photographer, aviation magazine editor, aerospace documentary producer/writer, and owner of broadcast radio and TV stations.

His writing, journalism, and photojournalism was initially at the Montgomery County (Maryland) Sentinel; then, while in the US Army, for an Army personnel magazine; and then, and after completing requirement for pilot licensing, including commercial license and multiengine aircraft ratings, he was Senior Editor of AOPA Pilot Magazine, and then Executive Editor of Flying Magazine.

In the mid-1980’s he assumed control as sole owner of a family broadcasting business and grew the company to two TV stations, both ABC Television Network affiliates, three radio stations, three Low Power TV stations, and an outdoor advertising company. The businesses were located in Ohio, Kansas, and Maryland, During the 1990’s he also served as contracted producer/writer for various aerospace video documentary series produced by McGraw-Hill/Discovery/Time-Life Video.

Now retired from active business involvement, he continues doing photography and has had photo exhibitions in New York, and more recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he and his wife, Katherine, now live.