Ethan Porter

Ethan Porter
Assistant Professor of Media and Public Affairs
MPA 424
[email protected]

Ethan Porter is an assistant professor at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago in 2016. His research has appeared or is forthcoming in Political Communication, Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Politics, Groups and Identities and Journal of Experimental Political Science. He has also written for The New York Times, The Washington Post and other popular publications, and has received grant support from the National Science Foundation and the Omidyar Network. 

He is currently working on two book manuscripts. “The Consumer Citizen” investigates the ways in which everyday consumer decision-making affects political attitudes and behavior. “False Alarm: The Truth About Political Mistruths in the Trump Era,” co-authored with Thomas J. Wood, examines the role of political facts in American politics. “False Alarm” is under contract with Cambridge University Press.

His research interests include public opinion, political communication, political psychology and experimental design. 

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Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 2016
M.A., The University of Chicago, 2012
B.A., Bard College, 2007


Journal Articles

The Public’s Dilemma: Race and Political Evaluations of Police Killings.” Ethan Porter, Cathy Cohen and Thomas J. Wood. (2018). Politics, Groups and Identities.

Identifying Media Effects Through Low-Cost Multi-Wave Field Experiments.” Ethan Porter, Kimberly Gross and Thomas J. Wood. (2018). Political Communication.

Partisanship, Bureaucratic Responsiveness, and Election Administration: Evidence from a Field Experiment.” Ethan Porter and Jon Rogowski. (2018). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol. 28, Issue 4.

The Elusive Backfire Effect: Mass Attitudes’ Steadfast Factual Adherence.” Ethan Porter and Thomas J. Wood. (2018). Political Behavior

Sex Trafficking, Russian Infiltration, Birth Certificates, and Pedophilia: A Survey Experiment Correcting Fake News.” Ethan Porter, Thomas J. Wood and David Kirby. (2018). Journal of Experimental Political Science, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 159-164.

Information, Knowledge and Attitudes: An Evaluation of the Taxpayer Receipt.” Ethan Porter, Lucy Barnes, Avi Feller and Jake Haselswerdt. (2018). Journal of Politics. Vol. 80, Issue 2, pp. 701-706.

Race, Interracial Families and Political Advertising in the Obama Era: Experimental Evidence.” Ethan Porter and Thomas J. Wood. (2016). Political Communication. Vol. 33, Issue 3, pp. 481-502.

Classes Taught

Strategic Political Communication (SMPA 3353)