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Evan Koslof started his journalism journey at GWU; he lived in Foggy Bottom; ate at GW Deli; played basketball at Hel-Well. And he studied at SMPA.

When Koslof graduated in 2013, he sent out 57 applications to small market TV stations across the country. In the end, he decided on WBOC News, a tiny market in Salisbury, MD. Koslof was hired as a Video Journalist, and was quickly promoted to Sussex County Bureau Chief, working out of Southern Delaware. It was there at his first small market job, that he learned to build sources, pitch stories, shoot, edit, and write.

In the summer of 2016, a recruiter contacted Koslof about a position at WUSA9, the CBS affiliate in the Nation’s Capital. He jumped at the opportunity. Since then, he's covered elections, inaugurations, impeachment hearings, and even an insurrection. He's interviewed senators, governors, and members of Congress. He's covered hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana and mass shootings in Buffalo, NY and Washington, D.C. He even got to cover the World Series in Houston, in 2019. From 2020 to 2022, Koslof also spent some time as the face of the VERIFY brand, a fact-checking unit for Tegna, the parent company of WUSA9.

Among the thousands of stories he's done, a few stand out.
• The 2018 investigation into sex trafficking in D.C.
• The 2019 series highlighting 9/11 first responders fighting for the Victim Compensation Fund (Emmy Winning)
• The 2019 feature, introducing the DMV to the ten-year-old non-binary child (AP Award Winning)
• The 2020 News Special on COVID-19 misinformation (Emmy Winning)
• The 2021 News Special on Political Misinformation in aftermath of January 6 (Emmy Winning)
• The 2022 Feature on Joe The Barber, who has been cutting hair for five decades in the Capitol Basement (AP Award Winning)
• The 2022 investigation into lead pipes in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
• The 2023 Interview and Story with Senator Warner (D-VA) and Senator Collins (R-ME) about the impacts of Alzheimer’s research

Koslof's work has resulted in eight Emmy’s, including awards for Best Political Reporter and Best Medical Reporter. He has also won Associated Press awards for Best Reporter and Best Video Journalist. In 2022, he was selected as the Washington Blade’s best on air personality.