Stephanie Stich at Capitol

Intern Diary: Stephanie Stich on Capitol Hill

April 19, 2013
“SMPA allowed me the privilege to say I worked on "the Hill" - an opportunity that most journalism students only dream about. And for that I'm grateful and ready to take on new challenges in my life and career.” -Stephanie Stich, JMC ‘16, Capitol Hill intern
Cara Bowers

Intern Diary: Cara Bowers at Meet the Press

January 24, 2013
As an SMPA student, I was looking forward to simply being in DC for election season. But when offered an internship with NBC's Meet the Press for the fall semester I couldn't have been more thrilled. I have always been slightly torn between Political Communication and Journalism; so finding an internship that was able to combine these two passions was perfect for me.