Intern Diary: Cara Bowers at Meet the Press

By Cara Bowers PCM '14

Cara Bowers
Cara Bowers with Meet the Press host David Gregory
January 24, 2013
As an SMPA student, I was looking forward to simply being in DC for election season. But when offered an internship with NBC's Meet the Press for the fall semester I couldn't have been more thrilled. I have always been slightly torn between Political Communication and Journalism; so finding an internship that was able to combine these two passions was perfect for me.

I had the opportunity to sit front row to all discussions and debates, which of course required a 3 AM wake up call on Sunday mornings, but I couldn't think of a better reason for my early rising. During the week, I helped log interviews and press passes, archive media from past shows, compile research for upcoming shows, and even pitch ideas I may have for future interviews.

On Sunday mornings during the show, my duties varied from transcribing, assisting in the control room, and greeting guests. My favorite was Newt Gingrich. He always seemed to remember the interns and take time to chat with us when he had a moment. One of the highlights of the semester was when David Gregory interviewed Mitt Romney. Being able to see the entire interview, even the off-camera moments and interactions, couldn't have been more interesting. I am so thankful for the incredible opportunity and look forward to expanding my broadcast experience in the future.