Planet Forward Launches Climate Series with The WNET Group and Peril and Promise

September 24, 2020

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Alexandria Villaseñor speaking at the 2019 global climate strike. Photo Credit: Instagram, @alexandriav2005


Planet Forward has partnered with The WNET group and Peril and Promise to launch a monthly, 12 episode series, video project focusing on key issues challenging the planet through the lens of the most courageous, innovative, engaging people who are working to address climate change. In association with the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Lab and The WNET Group and Peril and Promise being partners in production, Frank Sesno, Founder and Executive Chief of Planet Forward will be the host of the video series. The collaboration between the three groups will help to generate ideas, allow for access to thought leaders, and the opportunity to give a perspective on the future that will bring unique depth to the series. 

We are thrilled to be partnering with Frank Sesno and Planet Forward at the George Washington University. We have a shared mission to spotlight scientifically sound stories and fact-based journalism to explore the impact of climate change and creative innovations in possible solutions. We're excited to bring this monthly series to viewers nationwide.

Eugenia Harvey

Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer for The WNET Group and Executive Producer of Peril and Promise

Each episode will work to address how to move the planet in a positive direction by asking questions like the impact on the record-breaking fires in California and Australia, how the young generation can help activate change, and how leaders are planning the future so that America's hottest cities remain habitable. The series will draw on Planet Forward’s network of schools, partnerships, students, and researchers who inspire research, action, and hope. It will engage a young storyteller to focus on the generation that will live through the 21st century and experience climate change most dramatically. 



We are excited to be partnering with Frank Sesno, Planet Forward and PBS on this series. We face an urgent challenge to confront the climate crisis and its myriad societal impacts. Solutions that can lead to positive futures depend on smart ideas, motivated thinkers and doers, and powerful storytelling that can expand the population committed to making change.

Steven Beschloss

Senior Director of Narratives at the ASU Global Futures Lab
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To kick off the start of Climate Week, the first episode will air, September 25th on The WNET website. In Episode 1: From Activists to Innovators, The Future of Climate Change, Frank Sesno speaks with Alexandria Villaseñor, a 15-year-old climate activist and Founder of Earth Uprising about her memorable time speaking at the 2020 DNC and how the youth voice can bring together the two sides of the climate discussion. 




I'm delighted to be working on this creative project to focus on issues, solutions, young voices, and the truly remarkable people who are determined to bring positive change through courageous ideas and determined action.

Frank Sesno

Founder and Executive Chief of Planet Forward