Podcasting and the Future of Radio

Wed, 11 February, 2015 7:15pm

The School of Media and Public Affairs brought together a panel of current and veteran audio journalists on the breaking edge of radio's future to discuss the importance of podcasts and their reach, the behind-the-scenes process behind these popular programs plus listen to some of their favorite episodes.


Moderator Barbara Bradley Hagerty, a Distinguished Fellow of the School of Media and Public Affairs, is a former NPR correspondent

Andrea Seabrook | @RadioBabe: Formerly a Congressional Correspondent for NPR, Andrea is the founder of DecodeDC, a podcast which strives to help everyday Americans navigate the often complicated work of Washington.

Alix Spiegel | @aspiegelnpr: Has worked on NPR's science desk for over a decade. Her newest project is a podcast called Invisibilia, which explores how unseen inflencers like thoughts and values can control human behavior. Invisibilia launched on NPR and member stations in early January, and it’s already the most popular podcast on iTunes.

Linda Holmes | @nprmonkeysee:  Linda writes for and edits NPR's pop culture blog Monkey See. The blog features a podcast called Pop Culture Happy Hour, where Linda and other hosts get together for weekly discussions about pop culture.

Guy Raz | @guyraz: Guy Raz is the host of NPR’s TED Radio Hour, also one of the top podcasts on iTunes. Before becoming the host of TED Radio Hour in 2013, he hosted NPR’s weekend All Things Considered for four years.  He’s been with NPR for 17 years and served as bureau chief in Berlin and London. He is currently a Shapiro fellow at the School of Media and Public Affairs.


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