Setting the Stage for Innovative Research Techniques

Kerric Harvey Appointed Inaugural Visiting Fellow for New Research Methods at Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

Kerric Harvey
December 04, 2017

Kerric Harvey was appointed the inaugural Visiting Fellow for New Research Methods at Canada’s Centre for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE), a transnational independent research collective of scholars, artists, activists and practitioners located around the world.

Based at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto, CIE provides real-world and online spaces for established and emerging scholars to experiment with innovative social science data collection methods and collaborate on field projects that bring visionary new methods to ethnography research.

Dr. Harvey will join the research collective to continue her recent work using role-playing and purpose-built theater as a qualitative data collection technique.

She will also offer master classes in digital ethnography, publish regularly in CIE digital publications and hold a series of Reddit AMA training sessions as part of her appointment. Dr. Harvey hopes to present her work at the upcoming CIE conference in Havana, Cuba.