SMPA Awards Over $135,000 in Awards, Scholarships & Prizes

An Adobe Spark page and a special video from some of our faculty & donors was created to announce the winners.

April 27, 2020

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The School of Media and Public Affairs is thrilled to award over $135,000 in awards, scholarships, and prizes to SMPA students. Despite the unprecedented situation, SMPA students worked, studied, and excelled. These awards recognize outstanding academic achievement and provide support for those with financial need. They acknowledge our faculty for excellence in teaching and they pay tribute to journalists and political communicators from previous generations. They provide stipends to afford our students the opportunity to intern and gain real-world experience, which is needed now more than ever as we tackle the big challenges before us.

While we would have much-rathered gather in-person to honor and congratulate students, we wanted to still show how #SMPAProud we really are. A special Adobe Spark page and a video from some faculty and donors was created to announce the award winners. The link below has a full list of award categories and winners.  


SMPA, Prizes, Pride & Scholarships


A special thank you to the generous donors who made these scholarships and prizes possible. With their extraordinary leadership and resources, SMPA students are supported, better prepared, and more financially secure. We are grateful for your continued partnership.

This is an important moment at the George Washington University. The world is a profoundly different place compared to just a few months ago. In spite of the global challenges we now face, the School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) is proud to be able to increase support for our students.

Congratulations to all Award winners! Together, we will continue to build on GW’s strong foundation and shape a bold future!