SMPA Inaugural Friday Fun Workshops

September 14, 2019

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SMPA has launched Friday Fun A/V Workshops for the Fall 2019 semester. The workshops are free for undergraduates and graduate students and provide opportunities to learn and practice fundamental camera and Adobe Creative Cloud techniques outside of courses. 


The first workshop was held on September 6 and nineteen SMPA students attended the inaugural Friday Fun Workshop on the basic Panasonic CX350 4K video camera in the Richard Eaton Broadcast Studio. The facilitators, Doug Zimmerman, Senior Multimedia Producer and Tomi Ogunjulugbe, Media Instructional Technologist, demonstrated the basic fundamental camera techniques with imaging the manual methods on two monitors for enhanced learning.

SMPA junior Mychael Schnell said, “I found this afternoon’s workshop to be extremely helpful and informative. I feel much more comfortable checking out a camera at SMPA and using it to gather footage on and off campus. SMPA graduate student Marcelo Gonzales stated, “This workshop was an amazing opportunity for new students to get hands-on experience…regardless of their experience.” 

The second workshop took place on Septmeber 13 and focused on basic Adobe Premiere workflows. This session was led by Tomi Ogunjulugbe and Doug Zimmerman and facilitated by Professor Barbara Benitez-Curry and Linda Lashendock, Manager, Media and Instructional Technology. This workshop allowed students to explore basic workflow for becoming well-versed in the interface and tools of Adobe Premiere. They learned the basics of importing and managing media, editing sequences, achieving basic sound mixing, and exporting finished projects. 

All the Friday Fun A/V Workshops are led by Doug Zimmerman and Tomi Ogunjulugbe and facilitated by Professor Barbara Benitez-Curry and Linda Lashendock. Desserts are served during each session. The full list of workshops are listed below. To sign up for a workshop email Linda at [email protected].

Friday Fun A/V Workshops for the Fall 2019 Semester: 

***Note: The SMPA Production Team is redesigning the Friday Fun Workshops. In the meantime, we want to keep the positive learning energy by engaging you with “Break-Out” sessions for continual learning of the Panasonic CX 350 4K camera and Adobe Premiere editing.

What does this mean? Schedule an informal one-on-one (or a group of three individuals) session with one of the SMPA Production Team members during business hours Tuesday, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. and Thursday, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. For the Panasonic CX 350 4K video camera, contact Doug Zimmerman at [email protected]. For any Adobe Premiere editing questions, contact Tomi Ogunjulugbe at [email protected].

Also, we have a student edit lab assistant, Jennifer, scheduled to help you with Premiere editing. Jennifer's editing lab hours are posted on the doors of SMPA 510 and 525a. We are very excited about continuing to assist you achieve success in your future academic assignments, internships, careers, and pure knowledge!