SMPA Media and Politics Town Hall

Wed, 13 September, 2017 6:00pm
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Reflection from GW College Democrats

“A Vital and Continued Conversation” - By Emily Milakovic

Reflection from GW College Republicans

“It's a Game of Give and Take” - By Allie Coukos


We are living through a challenging and profoundly important time in American politics and media. The nation is divided. Journalism is distrusted and under attack as “fake news” perpetrated by “dishonest” people. Our politics are polarized and unprecedented. 

To consider the issues and engage the debate, SMPA is hosting — along with the GW College Democrats and College Republicans — a special town hall meeting. We’ll consider media and politics and how they are shaping this peculiar “state of the union.”

This will be an open forum where audience members will engage with one another and a remarkable panel that reflects the range and diversity of the SMPA community. Unlike most events, however, this conversation will be driven primarily from and by the audience. You will frame the conversation and provoke the discussion. The panelists will engage with the audience and lend their remarkable perspective to the conversation.


  • Cornell Belcher, pollster, author of “A Black Man in the White House,“ SMPA National Council member
  • Jeffrey Blount, Emmy Award-winning television director for "Meet the Press" and "The Chris Matthews Show" among others, 2017 SMPA Shapiro Fellow
  • Rep. Brendan Boyle, member of Congress from Pennsylvania’s 13th district, 2017 SMPA Terker Fellow
  • Hadas Gold, CNN Correspondent, former Politico Media Correspondent, SMPA alumna and National Council member
  • Mara Liasson, NPR National Political Correspondent, former SMPA Terker Fellow
  • Howard Opinsky, former press secretary for John McCain, media strategist, SMPA alumnus and National Council member.
805 21st St NW, Jack Morton Auditorium
Washington DC 20052