Sustainability and Gastronomy in the US and the Basque Country

Tue, 27 September, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm

What we eat has a big impact on the health of our planet. Much of the work on food and sustainability is being led by top chefs and restaurants in the United States and the Basque Country in northern Spain.

Join professor Adela Balderas, associate of Deusto University and Basque Culinary Center and SMPA Terker Fellow Katherine Miller on Tuesday, September 27 at 2pm in #406A for a conversation about the role gastronomy plays in sustainability.

The Basque Country in northern Spain is a global food destination - there are 6 Michelin star restaurants in the small city of San Sebastian/Donostia alone. One reason for the Basque culinary excellence is the commitment to local, sustainable, food. The United States is seeing a surge of commitment to dining that is as healthy for the planet as it is for people.


Lisa Palmer, National Geographic Visiting Professor of Science Communication


Adela Baldera, PhD, professor at Deusto University, director of the Masters in Innovation and Restaurant Management at Basque Culinary Center  and a fellow at Oxford University.


Katherine Miller, Terker Fellow in the School of Media and Public Affairs, adjunct faculty at the Culinary Institute of America and food advocate.


Media and Public Affairs Building 805 21st Street, NW Washington DC 20052
Room: #406A

Open to everyone.

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