Whose Right? Where Trump is Taking the Conservative Media

Thu, 11 April, 2019 6:00pm

The Trump presidency brought revolutionary change to the Republican Party. Where will the American right's decisive turn lead the conservative media?

President Trump’s brand of conservative politics won out against the establishment in the Republican Party and is forever changing the conservative movement in America.

While some conservative thought leaders spoke out against the outsider presidential candidate, and some continue to do so, President Trump has since been widely embraced by his party.

The Trump phenomenon is mirrored in the conservative media with news outlets prospering from pro-Trump coverage amid a difficult time for the journalism industry.

But is there room for skepticism of the Trump administration in the conservative media?

The December 2018 death of The Weekly Standard, an intellectual neoconservatism stalwart for over two decades, is considered by some to be the result of getting out of step with Trump’s brand of conservatism. The organization’s ownership, however, says the news organization shuttered as the result of financial difficulty and consolidation in a challenging industry.

Join us as leading experts and young and rising conservative stars explore what the future looks like for the conservative media.



Amber Athey, White House correspondent, The Daily Caller

Bob Garfield, “On the Media” co-host, WNYC

Bill Kristol, founder and former editor-at-large, The Weekly Standard

Jennifer Rubin, opinion writer, The Washington Post; contributor, MSNBC

Frank Sesno, director, GW School of Media & Public Affairs (moderator)

Kara Zupkus, president, GW Young America’s Foundation


This event is co-sponsored by the GW College Republicans and GW Young America’s Foundation.



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