Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

The Journalism and Mass Communication major offers a critical mix of practice and theory to give students a thorough understanding of the creation, distribution and effects of journalism and media messages.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication

Students in this innovative, interdisciplinary major explore the nature and political effects of our rapidly evolving media environment. They learn how mass media, the internet and new information and communication technologies are changing the way politics work in the US and around the world.

Minor in Journalism and Mass Communication

Students interested in the Journalism and Mass Communication minor should fill out a declaration form, declaring the minor before the end of their junior year.

Combined Degree Programs

The School of Media and Public Affairs offers two combined degree programs for students who wish to pursue the study of strategic political communication in greater depth and attain a higher level of skill and credentials before entering the job market. SMPA undergraduate majors are able to accelerate the M.A. degree by double counting nine credits toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees -- providing substantial tuition savings and reducing the necessary credits for a Master's.