Front Page of the Washington Post

SMPA students contribute to Washington Post story

November 19, 2019
Four GW students contributed to a Washington Post story about the children left behind by the opioid epidemic in West Virginia.
Dr. Imani Cheers

Dr. Imani M. Cheers Promotion

November 15, 2019
This past summer faculty member Dr. Imani M. Cheers was promoted to associate professor at SMPA. She is the very first person of color ever at the school to receive this title as a current faculty member.
Donkey and an elephant looking at each other representing Republicans and Democrats

Re-electing Donald Trump? How a divided America will vote in 2020

October 17, 2019
November 5, 2019, is one year to the day before Americans go to the polls. Join us as we talk with political thought leaders about the road ahead.
Elizabeth Warren with her hand raised talking on a microphone

GW Poll Finds Warren Gaining Ground Among Democrats

October 15, 2019
New poll shows the Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren gaining popularity and leading the Democratic field forcing Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders to play catch-up.
Steve and Cokie Roberts

SMPA Mourns the Loss of Cokie Roberts, Wife of Professor Steven Roberts

September 18, 2019
Faculty, staff and students at the School of Media and Public Affairs are mourning the loss of Professor Steven Roberts' beloved wife of 53 years, Cokie Roberts.
Students at Friday Fun Workshops

SMPA Inaugural Friday Fun Workshops

September 14, 2019
SMPA has launched Friday Fun A/V Workshops for the Fall 2019 semester. The workshops are free for undergraduates and graduate students and provide opportunities to learn and practice fundamental camera and Adobe Creative Cloud techniques outside of courses. 
Terker Distinguished Fellows Karen Finney and Steve Scully

SMPA Welcomes Two Terker Distinguished Fellows

August 31, 2019
Karen Finney, an independent political consultant, and Steve Scully, a Senior Executive Producer at C-SPAN join the School of Media and Public Affairs as the 2019-20 Terker Distinguished Fellows.