SMPA Announces New Director, Assistant Director

July 1, 2023

The School of Media and Public Affairs is pleased to announce Peter Loge as director and Jesse J. Holland as associate director for the next three academic years, effective July 1, 2023. Pat Phalen will continue as assistant director and Sean Aday as director of graduate studies.

Loge brings extensive experience in the world of politics and strategic communication, as well as academia. He has taught at SMPA for two decades, originally as a part-time adjunct, and full-time since 2017. He has also served as Associate Director since 2021, and serves as the Founding Director of the Project on Ethics in Political Communication. He regularly appears in national media, has continued to formally and informally advise campaigns and organizations, and is a Senior Fellow at the Agirre Lehendakaria in Bilbao, in the Basque Country in Spain.

Holland is an award-winning journalist and the author of the first novel featuring comics’ most popular black superhero, The Black Panther. He is currently serving as Distinguished Visiting Scholar In Residence at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress. He is a former Race & Ethnicity writer for The Associated Press, having been recognized as one of the few reporters to be credentialed to cover all three branches of the American government during his career: the White House, the Supreme Court and Congress. He is also host of the Saturday edition of C-SPAN Washington Journal.