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Defense Writers Group Moves to GW, Joins New Project for Media and National Security

August 21, 2017
The Defense Writers Group, an association of defense and national security correspondents with 50 member news organizations from around the globe, will move to the new Project for Media and National Security. Veteran journalist and former Voice of America director David Ensor will lead the project.
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New Report Highlights Potential Financial Benefits of Attention Analytics

July 17, 2017
A new white paper provides key insights on the role of attention analytics in building a more sustainable business model for digital news publishers. The report shares perspectives from professionals in digital analytics, advertising and publishing, including practitioners at leading publications.

Broadcasting Board of Governors Convenes Journalists, Experts on Press Freedom at GW

April 25, 2017
Leaders from the Broadcasting Board of Governors and its network Voice of America join other news directors and journalists to discuss World Press Freedom Day at the George Washington University.